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A simple step by step tutorial to your Online Gallery.

Prior to online galleries, I delivered images on USBs, but now we are in 2023 and have advanced! There are multiple platforms out there that allow digital galleries. So a lot of research and trial and error went into choosing the right one. However, I am very confident to say that I chose the right one! Here are few of things that I wanted to mention about why I deliver digital images and why I am so picky about the platform I chose.

The Platform:

  1. Quality: First and foremost, I don’t want you to loose any image quality during my uploads or your downloads. With your online gallery, your images are crisp and clear- just the way they should be!
  2. User Friendly: This was a big one for me. I have a wide variety of clients who will be accessing their galleries- (think teenagers through great grandma’s). Cloudspot is so simple to use! After delivering hundreds of galleries I haven’t had any clients struggle with using or navigating the platform.
  3. Privacy: Also, your privacy is very important to me. So, every gallery is completely private! I build and create each gallery myself and protect it with a custom password.
  4. Shop: Possibly one of my favorite features of your online galley is that you can shop right there and then. Here is why this is such a big deal: Up until now my favorite printing company could only be accessed by professional photographers! Almost every client will ask me where I print my photos, and I was always so bummed that I couldn’t offer them the same service that I use for my own personal photos and photo products. Now, you have access to that printing company! I am passionate about quality, color matching, and amazing customer service and this company has never let me down. I can not recommend them enough! (If you’ve ever gotten photos printed before and were super disappointed in the color or quality of them, you will really appreciate this).
  5. Ease: I want you to use your photos! I want you to enjoy them daily! So now there is no worry of loosing your USB, or it malfunctioning. Plus, you can order prints easily right there without having to upload or find a printing service (although you absolutely can download all your images and upload to a different printing company). Also, I keep each gallery active for one year, from the date it was sent to you. You will get a 7 day reminder via e-mail before your gallery deactivates. (I’m happy to reactivate for a short time, if needed. Just reach out).
  6. One-less-step: No more making time to drop-by (though I always love seeing my clients) to pick up your USB, or needing to pay shipping costs for those who are not local. No need to bring a USB to the store, plug in, standing there selecting, and picking up photos later. Your prints will be delivered right to your door.

Step by Step Tutorial:

1. Open the the e-mail you provided me. There will be an e-mail from Ashley McKee Photography with a link to your private gallery. Click the black box that says “View Gallery Images”
2. A window will open with a cover photo from your session, click the white box that reads “open”
3. They will prompt you to enter a password on the next screen. You can find that password in the e-mail you were sent, under where you clicked on “View Gallery Images”
4. Enter that password exactly as shown (they are case sensitive)
5. Viola’ your online gallery is right there on your screen


  1. Choose your favorites, or all of them, and download (click the cloud/arrow icon), I recommend on to a USB or hard drive for back up.
  2. Shop: You can click the shop tab on the top left of the page, or hit the ‘buy’ button on any of the photos to select your size and paper preference. Your shop has both prints, cards and other photo products available (I love their canvas’). So, feel free to shop around and put those photos to good use! Click here to read my blog on fun new ways to use your photos! I highly encourage you to get photos printed right there and then, while it is fresh on your mind!
  3. Love it: On your gallery you will see you can select a heart icon on the photos to show your favorites. I love when clients do this! It helps me get to know you better, and learn what photos made you smile the most! Which, in turn helps me do my job better and get you more of the photos you love at your next session!

    If you want to share your gallery with your mom, or someone special you may do so! Please remind them of all the fun stuff you agreed to in the contract, such as: No altering photos, no re-selling, tag or credit when posting on-line, no commercial use, etc . . .

    As always, reach out to me with any questions! Here is a screen shot example of how your online gallery will look.
Online Gallery Tutorial | Montrose CO Wedding Photographer
Online Gallery help | Montrose CO Photographer

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