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I'm a Jersey girl living in the Colorado mountains- I'm a sucker for glowly light and deep conversations over a glass of whiskey . . .

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All your Family Formal questions answered in one place! So, let’s be honest, for most people . . . family formals are not the favorite. I know this, you know this. That’s okay. However, we also know that we all really want the Family Formal photos. For most of us, Weddings are the one time […]

Montrose Wedding Photographer

This Private Ranch Wedding was incredible. Cole and Jordan tied the knot on Sept 3 of 2022 on Cole’s grandmother’s private ranch. They have over 600 acres of land on their property and you could see the horizon for miles. It is one of my favorite Weddings to date. Jordan booked her Wedding about a […]

Colorado Golden Hour Wedding Portraits



JD + Charley’s Wedding day was full of love and the most gorgeous golden hour sunset! I loved every minute of it! This wedding really made me fall in love with my career so much more! Truly, being a wedding photographer is so much more than just taking pictures of that one day. If you’ve […]

bride and groom wedding day photo

Todd + Amanda tied the knot on May 28th of 2022, it was a well thought-out beautiful intricate wedding. They had a beautiful blend of modern and traditional with their own classy twist on it. The wedding was held locally in Western Colorado at Antler Ridge Wedding Venue, it was my first time shooting there, […]

bride and groom



I promise having a photography friendly wedding is not as complicated as you think! You put a lot of thought into your wedding, there are guests lists, color schemes, venue choices, dinner arrangements, cake flavors, floral arrangements, etc . . So, of course you want your photos of the day to beautifully compliment and reflect […]

Wedding Details

Congratulations! Your wedding is so close! You are about to marry the love of your life and I want to make sure that your day is flawless & seamless! Preparing for your wedding day is both exciting and can seem stressful, no worries I got you covered! Remember that this is your day, take a […]

bridal florals



A Wedding Timeline is incredible important! I get tons of questions about this- the hows, whys, and whens. I assembled the most frequently asked questions and answered them all in one place! If you have a question that I didn’t answer, comment below with your question and I’ll answer the best I can. I hope […]

Colorado Wedding Photographer

Magical. This Top of the Pines Wedding was magical. Everything was completely beautiful and I am honored to have captured it. The bride and groom are gorgeous and their love is what fairytales are made of. Scroll through their engagement session and start to swoon! Honestly, it was so sweet! In fact, they fell in […]

Bride + Groom Wedding Portrait