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I'm a Jersey girl living in the Colorado mountains- I'm a sucker for glowly light and deep conversations over a glass of whiskey . . .

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This Fall Senior Session was incredible! Dana was so much fun to work with! I had to the pleasure of taking her brother’s senior photos a couple years back! It’s always fun to meet siblings. I love photographing seniors and hearing about what their future plans are. We drove up Davewood Rd for this session […]

Senior Fall Session

I have been wanting to do a shoot with my Littles in Wedding Dresses for years. A while ago I saw on this idea on Pinterest. A mom had taken out her wedding dress from storage and put her 3-4 yr old daughter in it. I thought it was the sweetest idea and I’ve been […]

Littles In Wedding Dresses Photo Session



This was an awesome Aspiring Photographer Session. It’s always a compliment when someone chooses me to take their photos. It’s even more complimentary when an aspiring photographer asks you to take their photos! I got to work with Gunnison before when I took his family’s photos a couple years back. It was a really fun […]

Headshots FAQ a long time coming. I probably get more questions about headshot sessions than I do any others (minus weddings). So, my goal here is to help you feel more prepared and excited about your headshot sessions. First, I’m going to be answering why professional headshots matter, when to get them, and where to […]

Headshots FAQ



This Mental Health Awareness session was fantastic. One of the best things about my career is that I get to work alongside incredible people doing incredible things. This session was just that. Maria is my kid’s piano teacher. She is an extremely talented musician and has done some pretty cool things on her journey. You […]

Mental health awareness portrait session

Look no further, I have your Senior Photo Prep Guide right here. All your most asked questions answered, style guide, do’s and don’ts, and location suggestions in one spot. I photograph a ton of seniors so I am excited to dive into this. A quick note: (As with many of my blogs) these answers, suggestions, […]

Senior Photo Prep Guide



This beautiful Orchard Family Session was awesome! We did this session at one of my favorite places, Mountain View Winery in Olathe. The owners are the sweetest and always let me come and shoot whenever. I appreciate them! This is our favorite spot to pick apples from in the fall, we always load up and […]

Orchard Family Session Brother Sister Image

I am in love with this venue! This Palisade Winery Couple Session was a blast! It was my first time visiting Clark & Co’s Distilling, but definitely won’t be my last! We did this session in March so unfortunately nothing is quite green or in bloom here in Western Colorado. But, it was beautiful nonetheless. […]

Palisade Colorado Photo session