Where I print my photos

My two disclaimers in this blog:

  1. I am not personally endorsing any company, simply sharing my preferences.
  2. I’m super picky

Bearing that in mind . . . not all printers are created equal. So, since you’ve invested in your photography, I highly recommend you invest in your prints as well. If you get them printed at Walgreens or Snapfish, just know that they do not guarantee color match. As in, your photos can look super different from what you see on your screen to what you get in person.

So, here’s the thing. Some photographers will calibrate their monitor to match a specific printing company’s settings so that there will be no virtual difference. Obviously, you do not need to go this far. Simply choosing a reliable printing source is usually sufficient.

One of the most frequent questions I get asked is what printing company I use. I use WHCC (white house custom color) a professional printing company, that is unfortunately only available for professional photographers. (I have on request, ordered prints/canvas/etc for my clients because they’ve seen and fallen in love with their quality and products as well).

Here is a list of companies that are reliable and color match:

Mpix- www.mpix.com
I’ve been really happy with the quality of their photos. They printed a little warm to me, (again, I am super picky) but I still loved them!

CG prints: www.cgproprints.com
They specialize in canvas and fine art prints, so this a good resource for something other than your everyday photo prints.

Smallwoods: www.smallwoodhome.com
I recently bought a few of their photo scrolls and I am in LOVE with them, they are beautiful! They offer so many creative options for ways to hang photos in your home.

Here is a list of some other reputable places to print your photos. I haven’t used these places myself yet, so I can’t personally vouch for them. However, they were recommend by some photographer friends of mine.

• www.millerslab.com
• www.nationsphotolab.com
• www.whitewall.com

Try out a few of these, find your fave, sign up for e-mails, and print your photos when they are running a sale. Many of these will have a discount code for first time users as well, so make sure to take advantage of that.

Here’s a few of my new favorites hanging up around my home! <3

Both the standouts (left) and the floating canvas (right) are from WHCC
Both prints in this photo are from WHCC

These tapestry style hanging photos are from Smallwoods, (link above)

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