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I'm a Jersey girl living in the Colorado mountains- I'm a sucker for glowly light and deep conversations over a glass of whiskey . . .

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Being a wedding & portrait photographer for over 7 years has give me plenty of time to find some things that I couldn’t and wouldn’t want to run my business without! My favorite photography things list could be much longer, but I’ve condensed it down the best I could. Also, it is worth a mention […]

Wedding details

As a mom of 5, I know how important family photos are! I also know they can be stressful! Coordinating outfits, time schedules, location options, fussy babies, independent toddlers, and husbands who have been waiting all year for this (sense the sarcasm on that last one). Honestly, preparing for your family session will help simplify […]

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I promise having a photography friendly wedding is not as complicated as you think! You put a lot of thought into your wedding, there are guests lists, color schemes, venue choices, dinner arrangements, cake flavors, floral arrangements, etc . . So, of course you want your photos of the day to beautifully compliment and reflect […]

Wedding Details

Learning how to pose yourself or your clients is a huge part of this industry. Posing can make or break a photo. If you’ve ever looked at a photo of yourself and thought ‘why the heck am I standing like that?’ and felt like you had to nix that photo, then you get it. As […]

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Congratulations! Your wedding is so close! You are about to marry the love of your life and I want to make sure that your day is flawless & seamless! Preparing for your wedding day is both exciting and can seem stressful, no worries I got you covered! Remember that this is your day, take a […]

bridal florals

There are a variety of situations in which a background may look perfect in person but isn’t ideal for photos. If you haven’t read my blog on lighting over location, head over there first to get a better grasp on the content of this post. Knowing what makes a good location will help tremendously when […]

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A Wedding Timeline is incredible important! I get tons of questions about this- the hows, whys, and whens. I assembled the most frequently asked questions and answered them all in one place! If you have a question that I didn’t answer, comment below with your question and I’ll answer the best I can. I hope […]

Colorado Wedding Photographer

So, he’s popped the question, you said YES! You’ve booked your engagement session and now you are wondering, what the heck am I supposed to wear? Where should we take our photos? What all do I need to know? There is a lot in involved in Preparing for your Engagement Session. But, I got you, […]

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