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I'm a Jersey girl living in the Colorado mountains- I'm a sucker for glowly light and deep conversations over a glass of whiskey . . .

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Headshots FAQ a long time coming. I probably get more questions about headshot sessions than I do any others (minus weddings). So, my goal here is to help you feel more prepared and excited about your headshot sessions. First, I’m going to be answering why professional headshots matter, when to get them, and where to […]

Headshots FAQ

There is a whole list of Things I didn’t expect as a Photographer. Some of them are super obvious in retrospect, some are just down right hilarious, and some still catch me by surprise. If you are a Photographer – I think you will totally relate! If you are just breaking into the industry, this […]

New Jersey Wedding Photographer



Iphone VS Pro, this blog has been a long time coming. I am thrilled that I am finally sitting down to write it. I am starting this blog with some disclaimers so I am not hammered with e-mails. First, I am NOT hating on Iphones, I flippin’ LOVE mine. Second, by all means- when appropriate, […]

Family standing at Crystal Lake Colorado

I am so excited to write this Wedding Planning 101 blog. So often, when I meet with brides to be, they tell me how overwhelmed they are with the mass amount of decisions and planning that lies ahead of them. Wedding Planning is incredible! You get to plan your day exactly how you want it. […]

New Jersey Wedding Photographer



Wondering how to take better photos? I got you! I’ve assembled some of my best tips on how now only to take better photos but what to do with them once you’ve taken them. These tips an be applied to everything from a basic Iphone photo to a DSLR or mirrorless camera. I’ve been asked […]

Colorado Photographer. How to take better photos

Look no further, I have your Senior Photo Prep Guide right here. All your most asked questions answered, style guide, do’s and don’ts, and location suggestions in one spot. I photograph a ton of seniors so I am excited to dive into this. A quick note: (As with many of my blogs) these answers, suggestions, […]

Senior Photo Prep Guide



A Workday In My Life can vary drastically. Everyone has a workflow, everyone has a routine specific to them and their lives. Mine changes, based on which life season we are in. Right now, we have kids ranging from 18 months-14 years. Yup, 5 kids with a range. Which we love, but it’s not without […]

A workday in my life sweet girls apple orchard

What time of day is ideal for photos? Good question! Actually, it’s a great question! Everything from outfit choices to coordinating schedules depends on the time of day you’ll be having your photos taken. So, let me start out by saying that this blog is generally considered industry standard. However, if you are going with […]

Engagement Session Montrose Co Photographer