born and raised. I have lots of Italian blood running through my veins, so truth be told . . . food is my love language. So many of my favorite memories have happened around the table. 

I love the little things in life. I take comfort in a hot cup of coffee or a conversation with a friend over lunch. I could listen to a good thunderstorm for hours, and feel most at home near the ocean. The fall months & the Christmas season is my absolute favorite, it speaks to my soul. 

But, in the summer, a fire on our patio at night, music playing in the background, and laughing with our friends, sipping on a glass of wine (or two, who's counting?) is my jam.

In 2007, I was bar tending when a super hot soldier asked me on a date, we've been married 16 years and he's pretty much a dream. Five sweet little humans call me mom. They are pretty amazing people and my most favorite subjects. Jesus gets all the credit. Every hour of every day. 

Being a Wedding and Portrait Photographer, is more than just my career, it's my passion.

I think passion is what drives us, what keeps us alive. We all have something we are passionate about. That's one of the best things about my job, I get to capture the passion that fires you.  

I'm Jersey girl at heart, 

Whatever that may be 

A little peak into my world 

My Favorites

Coffee with vanilla almond milk creamer, Side-gig Whiskey with pineapple juice




Mint & Rose Gold

Michael Jackson, Elvis, X-ambassadors (my playlist is all over the place)






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