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Being a wedding & portrait photographer for over 7 years has give me plenty of time to find some things that I couldn’t and wouldn’t want to run my business without! My favorite photography things list could be much longer, but I’ve condensed it down the best I could.

Also, it is worth a mention that I found some of these products after trying many other ones prior. Number 3, 6, & 7 in particular. Sometimes it take a few tries to see what works for you!

Note: This post contains links to some of my favorite products, but I do not get paid any commissions o these should you choose to follow suite.

  1. Canon R6: I jumped ship to the mirrorless camera crew. Honestly, Mirrorless is the future. DSLR’s will soon be obsolete. The R6 is an incredible camera, the AF system is a dream, I love the new features canon added throughout. I recently just upgraded my beloved Mark 5D III back up camera to an R6 as well. However, the Mark III is a beast of a camera and served me well for many years. I’m constantly learning about new features on the R6 and I love them all. No regrets.
  2. RF 24-70mm: I’m a prime girl through and through, you can not pay me enough to put my 85mm to the side. So, when I read about canons new 24-70mm I felt ambivalent and in no rush to buy it. I did need an upgrade for my wide angle lens and the 24-70 has rave reviews on versatility, so I figured I would try it out and see what the fuss was all about. FLIPPIN A! It’s magnificent. How a zoom lens can be so accurate is beyond me. It is sharp, fast, and versatile. Sometimes it sits on my camera for days. It’s happiness, really.
  3. House of Flynn Bag: This bag is a definite in my favorite photography things. If you are a photographer and needing a wedding bag to fit #allthethings- look no further. I have the Leather Evermore and it is perfect! I love all the pockets on the outside for wedding day accessories, it has a place inside for your clipboard and notes, and it holds my backup camera body and 4 lenses! Also, if your shoulders get tired, it turns into a backpack so that’s pretty sweet.
  4. Lighting Umbrellas: These are new for me. If you know my style, you know I prefer not to use flash. I bought these umbrellas mainly because the reception areas for a few of my weddings that year didn’t allow for a natural light. These umbrellas help soften my OCF tremendously and have been a total game changer. Although, it is still considered artificial light, I love that I can achieve a similar look when shooting in less than ideal locations.
  5. Cloudspot: All my client now receive digital online gallery via cloudspot. I love cloudspot. It is user friendly, customizable, offers mobile apps for client galleries, and the best part? It’s connected to my favorite professional printing gallery, that up until now was only available for professional photographers! My clients now have access to print their photos through this company! Read more about that here.
  6. Ribbon: If you photograph flat lays, have a wedding or special event, or a craft that you are wanting silk ribbon for, I’ve got you. I’ve tried probably nine different ribbon companies but this one is my favorite! I have their 2” ribbon in 8 colors and I love them all!
  7. Personal Planner: I am obsessed with these planners. To be fair, I’m obnoxiously organized and my plum planner helps make it super easy. They are completely customizable. I have my weeks spread out and labeled specific to my life broken down into categories, different tabs ordered for my workflow, pages to make #allthelists for #allthethings. It doesn’t matter what your career or phase of life you are in. Plum planner is the bomb dot comb.

    Enjoy this read read about some of my favorite photography things? Be sure to check out my “I could live without it blog“, for a good laugh.

Enjoy a few of my favorite detail images with my Canon R6 and the gorgeous ribbon I got from Etsy!
Favorite Photography Things | Montrose CO Wedding Photographer

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