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I'm a Jersey girl living in the Colorado mountains- I'm a sucker for glowly light and deep conversations over a glass of whiskey . . .

Meet Ashley

What is my Favorite Camera Gear? I get that asked often, by both aspiring photographers and clients. So, I thought it would be fun to do a blog on what I carry around in my camera bag. I’ll start with the disclaimer, that I am not professionally endorsing any one brand or product, nor do I get any commission on these- if you choose to follow suit. That being said . . .

I love Canon!! I’m a Canon fan until the end! Their quality and customer service is always top notch to me. I currently shoot with Canon’s beautiful mirrorless camera, the R6! It is beautiful! The AF system in this camera is incredible. (Side note: It is a super advanced camera, so if you are a beginner I do not recommend starting with this body). I always carry my second body as well, just in case! The R6 is a little lighter than my Mark III so it doesn’t weight my bag down significantly.

I have 4 lenses that I regularly use. But on basic portrait sessions, I mainly carry my two favorites. My RF 24-70mm and my EF 85 1.2 mm – they are dreamy. Besides my R6, these lenses are my favorite camera gear hands down. Before purchasing the R6, I used the Canon Mark III. I loved my Mark! It is a beast of a camera and a total workhorse. Switching to mirrorless has come with a learning curve, but after much practice, tons of sessions, and education I’ve fallen for my R6.

In addition to my R6 and those two lenses, I also carry these items in my camera bag for basic session

•Rain covers for my gear
•Extra batteries + charger
•Multiple SD cards- here are my faves
•Business cards-(Yes, they are still relevent)
•Hand sanitizer/masks (thanks 2020)
•Candy (for bribery- with parents permission)
•Cleaning pack for my glass
•Chapstick, tissues, lotion
•Granola bars/water bottle
•Sunscreen/bug spray wipes
•Bandaids/antiseptic (fun stories if we dived into this)
•Clear umbrellas

Note- these are things I always carry in my bag for every day sessions. My Wedding bag looks a lot different and loaded up with tons of different accessories and things I might need for the day. Blog on that coming soon!

Also, if you’re wondering what are some of my photography essentials I couldn’t run my business without? Head over here for more on that.

What did I miss fellow photographers? Leave a comment and let me know what essentials you can’t do without!