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Meet Ashley

Fresh 48: Newborn photos taken within the first 48 hours. That time is ideal for a newborn session. Your baby is still super sleepy, is pretty un-phased by what’s going on around her, and is generally home by this point.

Rest assured, there is breathing room in this. I’ve done newborn sessions at 2-3 weeks after baby is born so mom can feel a little more human again.

Our goal is for your little one to be sleepy and happy. Home sessions are perfect for newborn portrait sessions; we can control our environment and when baby gets hungry, we can take a short break while she gets a full tummy and drifts back to sleep.

Newborn is one of the only styles of photography that I truly enjoy having props. A few swaddles, blankets, bows/bowties, adorable outfits, and a basket or two is really all we need. I can bring all of these with me, so you don’t need to worry about buying or gathering anything (but, if you have some you want to include, then great).

For newborn sessions my style is still very much in line with the rest of my photography style. My journalist, lifestyle approach is so you can continue to be you while I shoot. Think mom and dad holding baby on their bed smiling down at how precious she is or big sister’s huge smile when she kisses her baby brothers little forehead. The simple beauty of newborns is what I try to capture in these sessions.

A few tips to help newborn sessions run smoothly:

•Space heater– If you have one, bring it to the room we will be working in. We might sweat a little but anything that helps keep baby warm during the session is fantastic.

•Clear an area- Your home does not need to be in tip top shape for this session (you. just. had. a. baby.) but if you can clear some space around your windows that have the best light streaming in, then we can move through the session much smoother.

•Activities- If other siblings are involved, it is super helpful to have something, preferably something they don’t get to see or do everyday, on hand. This could be a new coloring book, craft, small toy, or special snack. If they have something to grab their attention when they are not in the photos, they are much less likely to have a breakdown when it is their turn or not their turn (depending on your child’s personality). It’s no secret that sometimes older siblings have trouble adjusting to this new life and not being the center of attention. This small activity or snack helps them feel important, loved, and . . . distracted, while baby is getting some photos taken.

Present over Perfect: I know this sounds easier said than done, but coming from a mom with 4 kids, I genuinely mean this. Post-partum is not the easiest time physically or emotionally. A lot is happening. Do not try to squeeze into your pre-pregnancy jeans, or have your house in perfect condition. Please. This is the time for being present not perfect. (Mothers: repeat with me. Present over Perfect). We will capture magic. Promise. The pressure is on me here, not you. Be comfortable, embrace the temporary chaos and the entire experience will be more enjoyable.

Enjoy some of my favorite newborn photos!

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