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I'm a Jersey girl living in the Colorado mountains- I'm a sucker for glowly light and deep conversations over a glass of whiskey . . .

Meet Ashley

Magical. This Top of the Pines Wedding was magical. Everything was completely beautiful and I am honored to have captured it. The bride and groom are gorgeous and their love is what fairytales are made of. Scroll through their engagement session and start to swoon! Honestly, it was so sweet! In fact, they fell in love with their engagement venue so much they chose it for their wedding as well, and let me be honest . . . it looks like a postcard.

I think when ‘out-of-staters’ imagine weddings in Colorado, this is what they dream of. The landscape is immaculate, these mountains are just stunning, snowcapped even in June! Then during the late summer months they glow pink and purple as the sun sets. Yes, it is dream like!

Sean and Kelsey are the sweetest. They were both so excited for this day. Sean is so kind and gentle with Kelsey, and she just adores him, it’s truly a beautiful scene to witness. They are both such naturals in front of my camera that I felt like I could totally just let them do their thing, and capture them just interacting. They each have such fantastic smiles that I caught myself smiling right along with them on their wedding day and while editing their photos.

Their wedding day was so much fun! I’m good friends with the MC/DJ they used and knew tons of the wedding guests from church. Fun fact: I was 5 months pregnant when I shot this wedding and by the end of the night my legs were jello, but was it worth it! Everyone was so kind and considerate to me, and my incredible assistant (aka my dreamy husband) was constantly making sure I was hydrated, handing me granola bars, and carrying all my gear! #winning( He did loose a camera battery that day, but we are going to forgive that . . .)

You guys know I love first looks! However, Sean and Kelsey chose a private letter reading rather than the modern ‘first look’ and I have to say, it won me over. It was such a beautiful intimate moment. If you’re wondering what exactly a letter reading is, it’s a pretty neat idea. First, they each wrote a letter to each other prior to the wedding. Then, Sean waited at the agreed upon location at the time we scheduled in a way that he could not see his soon to be wife as she approached. Next, they swapped letters- still standing opposite to each other and each read their letters silently to themselves. I stood quietly just capturing their reactions as they read, and I was speechless. There was so much love, some tears of joy, and an overall feeling of the ‘perfect moment’.

If you are looking for a sign to do something before the wedding, but aren’t sold on a first look, this is your sign! I’ve even photographed weddings that did both a first look and a private letter reading.

Silver Linings:

If you look at these photos, you would never know that it down-poured, (and I mean torrential down-pour) minutes before Kelsey was ready to walk down the aisle. Funny thing about living in Western Colorado, hard rain here is pretty rare. Although, rain may sound devastating, it was a blessing in disguise. For one, heavy rain only lasts a matter of minutes here (we had about 20). Next, because of the wildfires, not only did it help in those areas of Colorado, but it brought down the extreme haze and smoke that was looming over those gorgeous mountains. To be fair, any time you have a Top of the Pines Wedding, it is sure to be amazing! The views never get old, so not even a little rain can ruin it!

The rain allowed us to get some pretty epic shots later on that evening. We may have had to stick the groom in the venue’s kitchen for those 20 minutes so he couldn’t see his bride, but he was such a good sport about it, everyone was! Even those who got soaked, (sorry DJ).

Overall, Sean and Kelsey’s big day is a perfect example of a dreamy Colorado Wedding. Their style was classy, timeless, and elegant. Everyone had an absolutely blast celebrating the newlyweds.

I love all of the images from their Wedding Gallery, but any of them where you can see the way Sean looks at his new bride are absolutely my favorite. Enjoy some of my favorite photos from Sean & Kelsey’s Top of the Pines Wedding day, you’ll see why I couldn’t just choose a few.

Groom Portrait & Details
Lace Bridal Gown
Bridal details and getting ready images
Black and white getting ready wedding images
Bridesmaids inspiration photos
Bridesmaids helping bride
Bridal Portraits | Montrose CO Wedding Photographer
Isn’t she a stunning bride?!?
Outdoor Bridal photos
These girls were all so much fun to work with! We had a blast.
Stunning bride in her gown- open back dress
Bride swooshing dress
Top of the Pines Wedding Venue | Ridgway CO
Top of the Pines Weddings Ridgway CO Photographer
Letter Reading Wedding
C’mon look at these guys, how sweet is this?!?
Groomsmen images
Groom and Family pictures
best man and his wife at wedding in Ridgway CO
Reception details | Ridgway Wedding Photographer
Bridal portraits and with Mom
Groom seeing Bride walk down the aisle
Sean’s face when he saw his bride coming down the aisle was pure love. Call it pregnancy emotions but I was tearing up.
First Kiss Wedding Image | Top of the pines Ridgway CO wedding photographer
Happy bride and groom exiting ceremony
These are some of my favorite photos of their day. How they walked down their aisle together after the ceremony was perfect. Unprompted and so genuine!
San Juan CO Mountains Photographer
Wedding Party image
First Dance photos Wedding
This light was so glowly and so perfect for their first dance, I was in heaven!
First dance with bride and dad photos
Groom and Mom first dance at his wedding
Sunset bride and groom photos
Destination CO Wedding Photographer
Groom and Bride portraits in front of the mountains
Dancing and cake cutting black and white reception photos
An amazing time was had by all!