Summer Mountain Engagement

Sean and Kelsey might be one of the cutest couples ever. They are so sweet together. Sean proposed in the summer after they graduated and had a surprise party waiting for her back at his house afterwards! These two have such good chemistry between them. They are always smiling and holding hands, and it’s pretty dang adorable.

I’ve known Sean for a quite a few years now, we go to church with his family, and see them at BBQ’s and other events during the year. Kelsey is one of our favorite sitters! Our kids think she is ‘the most fun ever,’ it’s really exciting seeing them start their journey together.

I was so excited to take their engagement photos in one of my favorite secret (ish) spots just a little bit outside our town. The mountains were ‘glowy’, (my fave term) and the backdrop was just gorgeous. Working with them was a breeze! They were so natural together that they made my job easy. They completely fell in love with this location so much that they decided to have their wedding here!

You’ll notice the trees in the background of some of the photos are yellow. That is all sunlight! Those trees are evergreens, but glow yellow when the sun hits them just right. I think one of my favorite things about this location is that, if you time it right, it’s not only gorgeous while the sun is starting to set. But after it goes down, the mountains glow a beautiful combination of pink and purple. When the sun dips behind the mountain, they glow blue for small window of time. It is stunning.

I am so excited to shoot their summer wedding, I have no doubts it will be nothing short of incredible! They are pretty head over heals for each other, and I think that is pretty dang awesome!

Check out some of my favorite shots during their engagement session.

  1. Sara says:

    These photos are making me itch for summer! What a beautiful background!

  2. Stacie Struble says:

    What a stunning kinda secret spot! They are so cute together and you did a great job with these photos!

  3. Kim Forbes says:

    I love the mountains in the background! You did a stunning job of capturing this summer mountain engagement session! WOW!

  4. Winter says:

    What a beautiful area!!! You really did an amazing job capturing that stunning view and your clients connection.

  5. Maria says:

    Love these! Their outfits coordinate perfectly.

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