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Choosing a wedding photographer is not always easy. Knowing exactly what questions to ask your wedding photographer will be highly beneficial in the selection process. You’ll be spending your whole day with them. In fact, I always joke with my brides that they will spend more of the day with me than their future spouse! So, you want to make sure that you not only jive well with your photographer but that you have looked at their portfolio or website to ensure that you like their shooting style, editing, and the overall feel of their images.

There are lots of ways to go about finding a photographer. Asking family and friends in your community for recommendations, googling, social media, etc . . . Once you found a few you like, check out their work and see if their style is what you are looking for. Once you’ve established that, the next two biggest questions are availability and pricing.

That should leave you with a few options. I’ve assembled a list of questions for you to ask to help get you started on choosing the best one for you.

Question Checklist:

  1. What is included in your packages? (hours, engagement session, add-ons, travel, albums, etc . . .)
  2. What is your refund/cancellation policy?
  3. Will you have an assistant or second shooter with you?
  4. How long after my wedding will I receive my images?
  5. Can we request any specific shots we would like?
  6. Have you shot at our venue before? If not, will you arrive prior to check it out?
  7. What is your editing policy?
  8. Will you coordinate with our __________? (videographer, wedding planner, etc . . .)
  9. Do you help keep our timeline throughout the day?
  10. Do you carry backup equipment and off camera lighting (if held in an indoor space)?
  11. Questions on their contracts after review.
  12. How do you deliver my gallery?
  13. Do you have any other policies I need to be aware of?
  14. Are you able to mitigate hard weather situations?

Side Notes:

As previously mentioned, I always recommend looking at your photographer’s work to make sure they have a consistent style to their images. Usually, not always, but usually – if you see a photographer with multiple editing/photography styles on their social media or website, it could mean they are just starting out and working on curating their own style and brand. This is just something to be aware of when shopping around. This can also help you look at their experience level, which can also help you narrow down your choices. Always, always, check out reviews from other brides and previous clients, and meet up with them to see who you feel would be best for your big day! Ask all the questions and start getting excited!!

Lastly, remember that the cheapest is not always the best. Your photos from your wedding day are one of the few things that will remain after your day ends. Invest in your wedding photography. I wrote a blog specifically on why hiring a professional is important. Check that out here. I would also say, don’t rule out- out of town or even out of state photographers. If you found someone you love, see what their travel rates are. I’ve found that my rates are incredibly competitive traveling across the U.S for a wedding compared to those found in their own city. Can’t hurt to ask! Hope this was helpful in your search for a wedding photographer, if you have any questions to ask- add them below!

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If you are looking for Wedding Photographers in your area, I highly recommend searching either location hashtags on IG or checking out Wedding Chicks website.

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