I would love the opportunity to
work with you! 

Ya know what I hear from clients ... fear of looking awkward in their photos.

Where to put your hands, where to look, what is the most flattering angle ... all the things.

You don't need to know those things when you show up. I'll walk you through the process, teach you everything you need to know. That's part of my job, no need to stress, you'll be great!

The truth about

Portrait photography

There are so many seasons of life. Which ever one you are in, it deserves to be captured. I mean truly captured ... not just at an arms distance with your phone. 

Portrait sessions begin at $300.00


Remember those department store family photos? Smiling directly at the camera, with your knee propped up on a wooden box in front of a textured sheet? We've come a looong way from that folks... 

Time to get outdoors and make these photos authentic.

Portrait sessions are priced by the type of session rather than the hour. Fill out the contact form for more detailed pricing. 

Portrait sessions begin at $250

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