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I'm a Jersey girl living in the Colorado mountains- I'm a sucker for glowly light and deep conversations over a glass of whiskey . . .

Meet Ashley

Actually three girls and their horses, whom they adore. I am truly impressed by them! It’s amazing watching these sisters ride and control such large animals at such a young age. It’s obvious how much they truly enjoy this lifestyle. Theses girls have a lot of responsibilities on their ranch. They feed all their animals, pick up after them, clean them, collect chicken eggs, and so much more! Morgan and her younger sister Makayla are involved in our local 4H, and I’m sure Merisa, the youngest, will be following suit soon as well. Did you see their session last year with the girls and their show goats? It was one of the flippin’ sweetest things ever, get ready to ‘awww’ on your scroll of that blog.

This session was amazing in a lot of ways, but I think one of the most incredible aspects was the back story of the saddle in these photos. This saddle belongs to their dad, Dean. Dean had leukemia as a child and this was giving to him as his gift, from the MAKE-A-WISH foundation. Dean is fully recovered and Katie, his wife, thought that it was about time to have their girls take some photos with it. I couldn’t love this idea more!

The girls got on their horses and galloped around their property, I loved watching then ride! The sunset, the field, the horses, the sweet girls . . . it was all just so beautiful and I enjoyed every minute of it. (Minus being eaten alive by mosquitos, but we just doused ourselves in bug spray).

Oh, and if you’re a sucker for a good horse session- here’s another one for you to enjoy.

Check out some of my favorites from this day:

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