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I know you value what you spend your money on, I do too! I know their are so many things that require our time and money and sometimes annual photos can seem like just one more. But, I promise there is so much value in capturing your family every year. To be honest, there are way more than 5 reasons why annual family photos are so important, but I’ve managed to narrow it down to my top 5!

1. So much happens in a year. Think about the difference you see in your children from the beginning of the school year to the end? IT’S CRAZY! Think of all their funny quirks they’ve developed that year …. how tall they’ve grown … how long their hair got … how much more grown up they look ( insert a few sappy tears here). Don’t let yourself forget those little things. You’ll want to look back on each year and all its memories, it goes by incredibly fast.

2. Mom is in these photos! Mama, i’m calling you out here! I’m going to guess that you take countless photos of your kids, your husband with your kids, your kids together, your kids with family members and friends. How many photos are you in? You will be in these photos! Photos of you interacting with your children. Photos of them squeezing your neck, kissing you on the check, photos of them making you laugh. That’s pretty awesome.

3. Celebrate where you are. These photos are not about perfection, they are about celebrating where you are. There are a million things we want to ‘fix’ before we take photos (ladies, mainly speaking about us here). Show yourself some grace, embrace the temporary the chaos, love the mess, and love yourself enough to capture these moments before they are gone.

4. Experience. I know what you’re thinking . . . experience? How? Truth bomb: we have fun and laugh during your session. Ask my previous clients! Pro tip: Grab dinner at your favorite restaurant afterwards or enjoy an ice cream cone! Make it an annual tradition. ( Your kids will get excited for this, if you do).

5. Photos make the best gifts. Every year my in-laws ask for a family photo of us for Christmas. Too easy! I’m sure so many of your relatives, would be thrilled to have an updated photo of your family hanging on their walls. There are so many other ways to use photos now-a-days, that you could be creative with your photos and surprise them with something new. Christmas shopping . . . check!

Final thought: If you schedule an annual photo session, it’s on your calendar so you’re more likely to do it!

Check out some of my favorite family photos, I took last fall of my crazy crew!

Have another reason you love to do annual family photos? Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear what your thoughts!

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