Preparing for your Family Session

As a mom of 5, I know how important family photos are! I also know they can be stressful! Coordinating outfits, time schedules, location options, fussy babies, independent toddlers, and husbands who have been waiting all year for this (sense the sarcasm on that last one).

I know that you’ve invested in your photos and you want them to come out perfectly. I get that. Trust me. I’ve assembled some of my best tips in this blog for you so you can prepare ahead of time and have everyone looking forward to your session rather than stressing out about it.

  1. Outfits: a few main ‘What to wear’ tips can be found here. Check out below for some family outfit inspo and remember these points as you start coordinating outfits:
    •Decide on a color scheme: 3/4 coordinating colors
    •Have 1 pattern- maybe two if you are a large group- making sure those patterns align with your colors and aren’t overly loud or extravagant.
    •Avoid direct matching. Buying the same outfit for everyone isn’t going to look awesome, trust my judgement here
    •Take your background into consideration: Are you In a field where there is already lots of green? Fall trees behind you? White snowy mountains? We don’t want you to camouflage in.
  2. Present over perfect: I mean this with every fiber of my being. If you hear nothing else in this blog, hear this please! Your children are still children during your session. They will smile for some, run around occasionally, want to play, ask for a snack 25x, and make goofy faces, and THAT IS OKAY. The goal is not to have 20 of the same happy perfectly smiling portrait. The goal is to capture your family as they are, and there will be joyful happy ones in there! I’ve photographed literally hundreds of families and have always had at least one happy ‘perfect’ portrait. Don’t let this stress you out. Please!
  3. Rewards: This is specifically for families with small children. I highly suggest making photo night an extra fun experience by doing something fun afterwards- go out for dinner, grab some ice cream, hit the park on the way home. If the kids know this is their reward for listening, you’ll be surprised how eager they are to smile and not throw fits.
  4. Plan Ahead: Plan around work schedules, naps, etc . . . Don’t put yourself in a situation where your photo session is right around your 3 year olds must-have nap time, or 10 minutes after your husband gets home from work and barely has time to change and drive over to our location. When you show up to your photo session in a state of frustration it makes it hard to get in a happy, relaxed, excited state of mind.
  5. Be honest: If you have a side you prefer, are self conscious about something, or need extra guidance at times, please say something. I won’t know unless you communicate it. And I do want to know!

Your experience is important to me! The best testimonies are when families tell me how much fun they had and how they look forward to them next year!
Recent photos of one my favorite family session’s this spring. You can see more of this gallery here.

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