7 Reasons You Need Branding Photography

Branding Photography is a gallery of professional images that represents your business visually. Branding photography creates a cohesive look with colors, tones, products, etc . . . to showcase your company accurately and professionally.

So, what does that mean for you? Who does this apply to? and why do you need it?

Branding photography applies to virtually every business there is. We often think of creatives or artists, but honestly . . . I can’t think of a business where branding photography wouldn’t be an asset. Most professionals at some point want (or need) a headshot, staff photos, or product/service photos.

We live in a highly virtual world, nearly every company is on social media and has a website or blog. Think of how many times you chose a company based upon the images you saw? Clothing, maybe? jewelry? florals? construction? photography? vacation spots? a home? an endless list.

So here’s the deal . . . every industry will have internal competitors, and you want your ideal client to choose you, you want to stand apart from the rest. Branding photography helps you do just that.

Here are 6 ways your business will benefit from branding photography

  1. Sets a great first impression
    Let’s say you have a website (you should, by the way) think of your homepage as your virtual front door. If someone doesn’t like what they see, if they are not highly impressed as soon as they see it, they will just hit the back button and click on the next link on google. The average bounce rate of a website is 40-55%. That’s a client lost. We want to make that percentage as low as possible.
  2. Attract your ideal client
    Regardless if you are providing a product or a service, I’m sure you value your time, skill, and the education that you’ve put into your career. Your clients will not have the same value on it than you do, of course. But, pricing yourself on your value and not their budget is important. Clients who continually ask for discounts or freebies is not the goal (back off discount Doug). You want your clients to feel that they are getting an excellent product or service for your price.
  3. Showcase your work
    The difference between an iphone photo or even a hobbyist photographer vs a professional with experience and right equipment will tell your customers how invested you are in your own business. Below you’ll see some photos taken with my phone vs with my camera. The difference speaks for itself.
  4. Have more time for you to focus on your business
    When you have your own library of images to choose from, you can produce a higher volume of content without spending time searching for over used stock photos or figuring out how to take your own. Grab one of your own photos to fit what you need for that day- throw on a quote, a sales deal, or just showcase your beautiful work!
  5. The real deal
    How does your social media feed look, is it consistent and professional? Look at it from a client’s perspective. Will they think you are the real deal when they look at your page? If you want them to take your work seriously, you need to show them that you do as well.
  6. Digital Marketing is vital: Digital marketing is how you will reach people outside of your personal networking circle. It is how customers from around the globe can find you instantly and effectively. Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms among young adults, with over 500 million active users daily! People will stop their scroll if you have epic photos. If your photos are obvious stock images or over-filtered i-photos, they will easily blend into the rest of their feed.
  7. Impact your bottom line
    Pretty straight forward. When people see your business more frequently and love what they see, they are more likely to choose you. Client loyalty is huge in businesses, especially when they share with their friends/families and on their social media platforms. Your business can grow exponentially just from one or two amazing clients. This concept covers all businesses and industries. Yes, even non-profits, effecting positive change needs money to back it, to provide relief, services, or products to their cause.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words but, really it can be worth tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to your business.

If you are interesting in learning more or collaborating I would love to chat with you! Head over to my connect tab and lets create together!

Iphone photo on left, professional photo on right

  1. Britany says:

    I love this! Such great information!! And I loved the comparison pictures.

  2. Hayley says:

    I absolutely love this post! Such great tips and advice for photographers and businesses

  3. Chinling says:

    Thanks for blogging this! I just started personal brand photography and these are so useful!

  4. Sara says:

    Great reasons for needing branding photos. I love how you did a side by side of iphone vs professional photo!

  5. Blak says:

    love love love that you have side by side iphone vs professional photos! really shows how much of a difference it can truly make when it comes to branding & the look you are going for!

  6. Amy says:

    I love this 🙂 your “7 Reasons you need branding photography” is so spot-on!

    I have a few friends who run businesses and the didn’t even have a website let alone any photos that shows who they are.. and I couldn’t help but think to myself how do other see them. It’s so important!

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