Colorado National Monument Session

This family is beautiful. Their love. Their bond. Their humor. They are just beautiful inside and out.

I first met Shonna, over 12 years ago, when our husbands were serving in the Army, on recruiting duty. Shonna took me under her wing and helped me adjust to Army life (and teach me the ridiculous amounts of acronyms they use). We share a special friendship, and have so many fun memories together! I truly don’t think we’ve ever ended a night where my stomach didn’t hurt from laughing with them. To call John funny, is an understatement. I am so grateful for their friendship over the past 12 years and (the dance to cyclone we did at our wedding).

You’ve never seen more devoted and fun grandparents than John and Shonna! Both John their oldest daughter are veterans and their youngest daughter has started her own awesome business, making the cutest hats, scrunchies, and accessories. Check her out here!

This photo session was on top of the Colorado National Monument in February, it was … a little chilly but so beautiful! We managed to sneak a few quick engagement photos of their oldest daughter and her new fiance too!

I absolutely love doing photo shoots for families and capturing their connection and personalities! Beautiful fam, breathtaking views, laughter all around. #winwinwin

  1. Theresa says:

    That scenery is absolutely Stunning!! Ugh! Beautiful!

  2. Winterlyn says:

    These are so beautiful!!! My gosh!!! Love the location and posing 💛

  3. Lydia says:

    These are beautiful! I love the backdrop and light.

  4. Tasha says:

    This looks like such a fun shoot, beautiful family & setting!!

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