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If you are visiting our sweet little town and wondering what there is for Fun Things to do in Montrose with Kids, you’ve come to the right place!

Montrose is a small to mid sized mountain town located about an hour south west of Grand Junction CO. Known for its agriculture, family- friendly living, and home to tons of outdoor enthusiasts, it’s a beautiful place to visit and live.

If you are visiting and have kids in tow, check out this list for some Fun things to do in Montrose during your stay. Be sure to check their websites for open times, days, fees, etc . . .

Montrose Rec Center | Indoor kids activity in Montrose

This newly built two story rec center is an absolute must with kids with visiting Montrose. It has two huge pools, including a two story water slide, lazy river, water playground, and more! There is a climbing wall, pickle ball and basketball courts, pool tables, and outdoor play ground, and a game room! Our kids love grabbing a snack from the vending machine and heading over to the game room to play some pink pong! Upstairs is a gym with a walking track, free weights, and plenty of equipment. If your kids are needing to run off some energy, this is the perfect place to spend the day!

Black Canyon National Park | Outdoor things to do in Montrose with kids

Yup, this incredible national park is right in our backyard! Just a short 20 minute drive from the center of town this is a National Park you will want to check off on your list. The size of these steep narrow rocky mountains is impressive! With the Gunnison River running right through this canyon you’ll get to hear the river rushing and hitting the jagged edges of the cliffs. The kids can get a fun activity book and a Junior Ranger badge for completing some fun tasks as well! Just stop by the visitors center on your way in and ask! Be sure to check the current conditions before while planning your trip and pack accordingly!

Curecanti National Recreation Area | Montrose outdoors

If you want your kids to experience true Western Colorado, head over to Curecanti National Recreation Area. Boating, Fishing, Camping, Hiking, playing in the water, all the things! Your family will have a blast here. Not to mention, the scenery is unreal! My advice is to check the weather for the area and pack accordingly. Bring lots of sunscreen (remember if you are visiting from a sea-level state, we are a high-altitude state, and you will burn easier here), proper clothing, tons of water, snacks (of course) or pack a picnic, sand/water toys, towels, beach chairs, blanket, and your hats! You’ll be surprised how long you can just sit out on the lake line and relax!

Montrose Botanic Gardens | Fun Things to do in Montrose with Kids

Fun things to do in Montrose with Kids
Montrose Botanic Gardens
Ashley McKee Photography
Montrose Colorado Photographer

A beautiful, quiet, and well maintained botanic garden right in town. These gardens are open and free to the public, just make sure to leave no trace as you wander the area. The Botanic Gardens are seated right behind the Montrose Pavilion, on the south part of town. Your kids will love exploring all the wild flowers, roses, native plants, and green space here. This is a spot where you can stop by and enjoy leisurely, you only need about 30 minutes to explore all the gardens, but you can definitely take even more time and walk around more.

Shelter Distillery | Montrose things to do

Shelter Distillery is an amazing new distillery in town! There other location is in Mammoth Lakes, CA. Do not skip this place when you are passing through. This place is fantastic!! Shelter Distillery is seating right along the Colorado River that runs through Montrose. It’s modern and sleek vibe make you feel like you’re in a big city without all the rush, chaos, and traffic! Its such a peaceful spot! You can eat outside right next to the River, or inside if it’s not the right weather that day. With a full bar and a full menu, you and your family will LOVE all the options! Plus they have outdoor games like corn hole for your family to play while you wait for your dinner. When you’re done with dinner, take the walking trail down along the river and enjoy the quiet.

Museums | Fun Things to do with your Kids in Montrose

Museum of the Mountain West Montrose
Fun things to do in Montrose with Kids
Family Photographer Montrose

We have two awesome museums right in town. The Ute Indian Museum, is an indoor museum where you can tour different areas and learn about the Ute Indian Tribe. With clean, well kept displays you’ll get to see who originally settled these areas and learn some history. Outside they have teepees that kids will love check out! The Museum of the Mountain West is an outdoor museum where you can step back in time to the 1800’s. The guides are so knowledgeable and love to answer all your questions about the old town and equipment there. The curator and collector of the Museum of the Mountain West is a renowned archeologist and loves to chat with those coming through!

Downtown Montrose | Things to do in Montrose with kids

Downton Montrose is a beautiful blend of mom and pop restaurants, art galleries, markets, hobby/book stores, and thrift shops. If you are looking to grab some lunch and do a little shopping, Montrose downtown is a fantastic place to start. Check out some specific shops in my Fave local places. My family and I love checking out all the sweet store decorations and goodies around the Holidays. Anytime of year is amazing, but it is especially beautiful and charming around Christmas! Our town thrives on local businesses and shopping downtown is a great way to meet locals and support small businesses!

Star Drive in Theater | Summer activity in Montrose

If you are here during the summer season then go ‘see the stars, under the stars, at the star’ as they say here at the Star Drive In Theater. One of the only drive in theaters in the country left! My kids look forward to seeing at least a few drive-in movies every summer here! Honestly, it’s not really summer until we go! They have great snacks including: burgers, hotdogs, nachos, popcorn, candy, etc . . . Just head over, buy your tickets, pull up to an open spot, grab some snacks, pop out some lawn chairs in front of your car or if you have a truck, set up the bed, and ENJOY!

Amazing Glaze | Fun Things to do with Kids In Montrose

Located right downtown on Main Street, Amazing Glaze is a definite on any trip. Bring your kids in, choose a piece of pottery to paint, grab some paint, and let your creative side take over. We come here during all season. We’ve created mugs for grandparents, Christmas ornaments, piggy banks, salt and pepper shakers, and countless other creations! We actually held our daughters birthday party here one year and brought hot coco and cupcakes for her and all her friends. It is such a homey, sweet, little place in Montrose. Definitely put this on your list!

There it is, a list of the top Fun Things to do in Montrose with Kids! I hope you enjoy this list and have a blast while you stop by our fun little mountain town!

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