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Learning how to pose yourself or your clients is a huge part of this industry. Posing can make or break a photo. If you’ve ever looked at a photo of yourself and thought ‘why the heck am I standing like that?’ and felt like you had to nix that photo, then you get it. As photographers, we need to know what is flattering and what poses accentuate features we want to highlight and which poses can help hide areas that we would rather not be highlighted. I’m going to give some basic foundational posing tips in this blog. So whether you are a photographer looking to up your posing game or are about to have your photos taken and want some guidance on how to pose, keep reading and get ready to rock your session!


  1. Posture: Obvious not obvious. If you are standing slumped over with your shoulders turned in you will likely not be happy with the final results of that photo. Right now as you are reading this- go ahead and slump over. Now pull the top of your chest up, open up your shoulders, and extend your neck comfortably. Feel better? Remember this saying: Feel better. Look better.
  2. Chin: Chin placement is HUGE. Let’s do another quick exercise: Give yourself a double chin by pointing your chin down and inward. Lift your chin up so it is naturally extended, now slightly (very slightly) bring your chin up a pinch and tilt it ever so slightly to the left or right. That should feel and look much more flattering. The goal is to see your jawline.
  3. Relax: If you feel stiff, you will look stiff. Take a breath and relax your shoulders. It will take some time to warm up to the camera, but being aware of how you are feeling in your shoulder and chest area will help speed up that process.


  1. Arms: Ladies this is one of my favorite tips ever. When you’re having your photo taken avoid your elbow pressing against your body. Put some space between your side and arm for a more flattering photo.
  2. Hips: Always, always shift your weight away from the camera. This helps emphasize more of a realistic and flattering version of our waist size. I’m convinced the whole ‘camera adding 10lbs’ myth stemmed from weight not being shifted properly during photos.
  3. Toe Pop: Give the foot closest to the camera a little toe pop (examples included) its timeless, casual, and flattering- especially when in a dress, but honestly- it will be flattering with whatever outfit you are wearing. Win win win.


  1. Square: Stand straight and square your shoulders, this shows off your best features and tends to hide anything you don’t want actuated. If you imagine your spine straightening out and getting taller that can help with your posture as well.
  2. Hands: I tell my clients this all the time. When you don’t know what to do with your hands . . . hand in pocket thumbs out.
  3. Knees: Steer clear of locking your knees & avoid having your knees touch each other. I was trying to figure out a different way to say this- but i’ll just be blunt: It looks weird. Shoulder width, slightly bent, just normal and casual as you would stand is perfect. Nothing fancy here.

These are my very basic posing tips. Of course, I could blabber on and on about different ways to pose, more to do’s more to don’ts, but my hope is that after reading this you will feel much better about heading to your next photo session! Confidence definitely comes across in photos and I want you to feel confident and ready!

Here are some examples of prime posing. Note all the bullets listed above: Posture, Hands, Arms, Knees, etc. . . .

Elbow away from body, hips tilted away from camera, knees slightly bent
Squared shoulders, straight posture, knees shoulder width apart
No space between bodies, connectivity makes for great photos. Relaxed comfortable positions
Posing while sitting can be difficult, note how she’s slightly leaned back, feet together in this position and hands connecting her pose
Variety: Crossed, one hand in pocket (thumb out) one hand out, one hand up. Note how strong he holds his shoulders, without looking stiff
Squatting for men is a great option: Same rules apply- knees apart, casual but strong shoulders, elbows on knees and hands connected. Standing: Straight stance, and broad chest
First image: Knee pop, elbows away from body. Second image: Slightly leaned back on arm, knees together, ankles crossed, head slightly tilted back. Third image. Slight twist of the body for a flattering angle, arms across to show connection, head twisted but not tight uncomfortable

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