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Wondering how to back up and store your photos like a pro?


Kidding! I got you.

So you’ve got your photo session finished, received your photos back from your photographer, and now they are sitting on a usb or hard drive some where. Sound familiar?

We’ve all done this! It’s such a waste to let those photos sit around on your computer and not be able to enjoy them! So, I’ve assembled some of my best photo organization tips to be able to find them easily, ensure they are backed up, and use them!

1. Utilize folders: As soon as you receive your photos from your photographer, whether it is on a usb, or online gallery and download them to your preferred location (see #2) Label that folder immediately! (I.e Fall Family Photos 2021 Gracie’s 3rd Birthday, etc . . .) Easy enough, right? Simple task that I promise makes a huge difference.

2. Back them up: You do NOT want to loose these photos if your computer crashes! I recommend having an external hard drive (I use wd elements hard drives, and haven’t had an issue) that auto backs up to a cloud service every time it is plugged in, (I love backblaze) make sure to follow tip #1 when exporting them onto your hard drive to keep them organized.

3. Print upon receiving: This one is gold, but requires a bit of preparation. Here’s the thing, I’m sure you are swooning over your images that your photographer took and I’m betting that you’ve posted them on social media where all your family and friends are commenting with how beautiful ya’ll are, how much the kids have grown, and adding all the emojis. Which is great! But then, what? Surely, you’d like to enjoy them for more than just those few days. So, if you receive an online gallery that is connected to a professional company, take full advantage! Most of these companies are not available to the general public, and are reserved for professionals, but . . . now you have access to one! Grab prints for a variety of frame sizes, extra’s to hand out to family members, update your wallet photos, choose the perfect canvas for that blank wall in your living room, heck . . . grab an ornament or a few metal art prints for Christmas gifts! Do it while it’s fresh on your mind and you are on your gallery so it’s one less thing to do later!

4. Photo albums: Maybe I’m an old soul here, but . . . sitting down flipping through pages of memories in a photo album is still an awesome way to spend time with those you love. I talk about how much I loved looking at my grandma’s old albums in my “My Why” blog and how much I cherish those memories. It’s just not the same scrolling on your computer or phone. I like to get pictures printed 3-4x a year and then at the end of the year assemble an album of all our favorites. I love using digital images to make albums as well. Each year has its own album and our kids will often take them out and reminisce at all our adventures.

5. Make a favorites folder: As you upload your pictures and pull them into the allotted folder, do a quick look through and select your favorites. Drag those into their own folder and label it ‘favorites’. It makes it so simple and quick when going to print photos!

There you have it. Those are my favorite tips on keeping your photos safely backed up as well as organized! Got any more tips? Drop them below!

Here are just a few examples as to how I have used our photos in different ways in our home!

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