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I'm a Jersey girl living in the Colorado mountains- I'm a sucker for glowly light and deep conversations over a glass of whiskey . . .

Meet Ashley

I love how my career lets me get to know people on a personal level! I think it’s only fair if you all get to know me too!! Here is a fun list of 10 things I love!!

    I do so much of my work in my home, plus homeschooling my kids! So having a clean, organized, bright, and cozy space is extremely important to me. I actually struggle to function when it’s chaotic or cluttered.

I’ve mentioned my Italian roots in other blogs, and I’m confident this is where my love of large family gatherings and shared meals originated. I grew up in a close, loud, and busy Italian family, and getting together for holidays, events, and birthdays are some of my best childhood memories. I love carrying this on within my own family now.

I’m keeping it real with you all, I love being comfortable. As soon as I get home from a session, I’m changing into my sweatpants, if I don’t have anywhere to go for the day- I’m wearing sweatpants. It’s who I am, guys. No shame here.

Not when I have a session of course. But, on days I can be home, editing, sipping on some hot coffee, with my fireplace on, yes! (likely, in my sweatpants) Thunderstorms are super soothing to me, and I could listen to the rain all the day!

I’ve been blessed to have traveled all over with my ‘job’ and I love it. The best part is that, no only do I get to enjoy some of the most beautiful places in the country, but often I get to bring my crew with me! Discovering new places, exploring new cities and towns, and seeing all the beauty is a dream come true.

It took me years, yes years, of consistently going to the gym to actually enjoy it. So worth it!! Between setting and achieving new goals and pushing myself I can’t imagine my life without my daily workouts. It’s done wonders for me both physically and mentally, and I’m so grateful for that time each day!

If you aren’t familiar with hygge, it’s life changing. Simply put, it’s a danish term used for; coziness, simplicity, and intentionality. To be fair, I’ve always enjoyed and tried to cultivate this type of environment, but recently learned of the term associated with it. We have created this atmosphere inside our home, and it’s so amazing to focus on the simple pleasures of life when we are able to put the hustle of daily life down for a bit.

I could live a thousand life times and never deserve this insanely incredible life I’ve been given. Everything from my 5 healthy kids, adoring husband, our home, my career, and so much more – I give all the glory to Him. Gratitude and joy look very different when Jesus is the center. He has been with me through all of life’s ups and downs, and I love diving deeper into more of a relationship with Him as I grow into who He has created me to be.

When September rolls around each year, something just sparks inside of me! I have always been a lover of Autumn- the cooler temps, leaves changing, cider scents, and decorations just make me so dang happy! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite days of the whole year- family, friends, food, and football? Yes please! Then, it’s full out Christmas here- bring on the music, baked goods, lights, and family traditions. I am seriously my happiest self during this time of the year!

I am a super task oriented person, I love crossing things off a list (oddly satisfying). So whether it is creating a to-do list, planning for a trip, or setting a new goal to achieve- I’m in my zone! I always have a goal or two I am working on. Depending on the season of life it could be career oriented, physical, mental, or anything in between. I have a passion to live my best life, and think it is incredibly important for my kids to see that we can do hard things! A constant balance between striving to be your best self while being content with what you have is delicate, but I’ve found my center point and it’s been life changing for me and my family!

Enjoy a random set of adventures and daily life with my crew <3

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