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I'm a Jersey girl living in the Colorado mountains- I'm a sucker for glowly light and deep conversations over a glass of whiskey . . .

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There is a whole list of Things I didn’t expect as a Photographer. Some of them are super obvious in retrospect, some are just down right hilarious, and some still catch me by surprise. If you are a Photographer – I think you will totally relate! If you are just breaking into the industry, this […]

New Jersey Wedding Photographer

All Things Fall! All things fall is what I’m covering in this week’s blog. My favorite coziest drinks to warm up with, goodies we make with our apple haul, my love for autumn decor (with links), where it all started, and of course, the best time for fall photos! My husband always jokes with me […]

Apple Cake Photo

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A Workday In My Life can vary drastically. Everyone has a workflow, everyone has a routine specific to them and their lives. Mine changes, based on which life season we are in. Right now, we have kids ranging from 18 months-14 years. Yup, 5 kids with a range. Which we love, but it’s not without […]

A workday in my life sweet girls apple orchard

If you live around my area you will likely be familiar with all of my favorite local spots. I am a huge advocate for supporting local business! It is so important to try to shop local whenever possible. A lot of our local shops are owned by people just like you and me! Not only […]

Storm King Distillery Photo Guitarist

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So many things I could name that I love and wouldn’t want to live without! But, I started thinking what are some things I could totally do without? The list was bigger than I thought! So here’s my list of some things I am not a fan of. Avocados: I know I am going to […]

ashley mckee photography

I love how my career lets me get to know people on a personal level! I think it’s only fair if you all get to know me too!! Here is a fun list of 10 things I love!! A CLEAN HOUSEI do so much of my work in my home, plus homeschooling my kids! So […]


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This is an interesting topic coming from a photographer, right? Truth is, I love my job and love to take photos of my own family- especially my kids. Not just at birthdays, holidays, and fun events- but the everyday as well. It’s always been important to me to document their days. I want to look […]

moab utah

Laura Susan Giordano, my beloved late grandmother. This post is my tribute to her. It has been a year. A year since I’ve spoken to her, a year since I’ve held her hand, smelled her perfume, listened to her stories. A year since I’ve hugged her goodbye. It is incredibly hard to put into words […]