How it works


After we've communicated and set a date for a session I will send you my contract via e-mail that can be e-signed easily. Feel free to ask me any questions about your upcoming session to help you feel more comfortable. If you are stuck on what to wear or nervous about something, I'm here to help! Just reach out!

Arrive for your session 10 minutes early at our agreed upon location. Breathe. Relax. We will laugh, chat, and make sure your images are beautiful. If there is something I should be aware of, let me know before we begin (I.e a side you prefer, an outfit change you have, etc..).

Your work is done! I will hand select a few of my favorite images from your session and post them as a preview on facebook the next business day. When your images are ready (within 2 weeks of your session) I will send you an e-mail link to view your online gallery. 


The process

Keep scrolling through my little corner of the internet. Look around and see if my work is a good fit for you. If you love what you see, then head over to my 'connect' tab, fill out the contact form, shoot me a text, or give me a call and we'll chat about your vision for your session. 

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How will i receive my images?

Frequently Asked questions

You will recieve your images through an online gallery. I will send you an e-mail with a link and password to access your album. You will be able to download your images as well as have the option to print them directly from the gallery. My shop has professional printing companies available for you to get the best quality and color match. I highly recommend using them, you won't be disappointed!

How will i receive my images?

Frequently Asked questions

Portrait sessions typically last anywhere from 45 mins-2 hours, with the average being an hour 20 minutes. 

How long will my session last?

How far in advance should i book my session?

Portrait sessions are based upon availability, 14 or more days in advance is best. If you are wanting to book a session between Sept-Nov, please try booking 30 days in advance as that is my busiest season. Weddings should be booked at least 6 months out to secure the date requested.

what do you mean by natural light photographer?

My style is to use the sun as my light source whenever possible. I'm a firm believer that the sun gives us the cleanest, most flattering, beautiful 'glowy' light, when used properly! I do utilize both my on-camera and off-camera flashes when necessary (i.e late night wedding receptions, dark homes, etc..).