Todd + Amanda Wedding

Todd & Amanda tied the knot on May 28th of 2022, it was a well thought-out beautiful intricate wedding. They had a beautiful blend of modern and traditional with their own classy twist on it. The wedding was held locally in Western Colorado at Antler Ridge Wedding Venue, it was my first time shooting there, and it was just magical!

I first met Amanda years ago through a mutual friend but it had been years since we’ve had a chance to sit down and catch up. I was thrilled when she reached out to me and told me she was engaged! We met up for coffee and I could just instantly see how happy she was. It was wonderful, she told me all about what had happened in the past few years, shared all about her fiance’, Todd, and layed out all her plans for her wedding to me.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out their engagement session yet, scroll through here.

To say their Wedding was an absolute dream is an understatement. Amanda was a stunning bride and her dress was gorgeous! Todd was so dapper and I love that they chose to go with a light grey for all of the suits. Everything from their colors to their venue was just lovely. Both Amanda’s and Todd’s kids were part of the Wedding party, the day held so much joy.

Their first look is one of my favorites to date. Todd was speechless when he saw his bride. He teared up and couldn’t take his eyes off of her. A truly remarkable moment, that I hope they remember for years to come. One of my favorite details of their wedding was that they chose to do a ‘last dance’ They asked everyone to temporarily head outside while it was just the two of them (and myself and the DJ). I thought that was such a beautiful way to end the night and enjoy an intimate moment with no audience.

It was a beautiful day filled with love, joy, and family. What an honor to capture and be a part of.

Here are some of my favorites from their day.

I can’t stress enough how much I love lace dresses! Elegant, delicate, and gorgeous detail.

The Tiffany blue on her heels was a gorgeous detail. It was only found on the bottom of the shoe and was so subtle but made everything in these images pop!

Pro tip: Have a full length mirror in your ‘getting ready room’ please! It is the best way to breathe in what a queen you will look like, plus . . . look at these images! The full length mirror adds so much visual appeal.

These black and white’s are breathtaking to me. I couldn’t love these more.

See what I mean about the grey suits?

The each wrote each other a letter and exchanged it to read that day. Their reactions were perfect, I love these small intimate moments on Wedding Days. Such a sweet simple detail to make your day extra special and memorable.

A first look to remember. One of my favorites, he could not take his eyes off of her.

Geez Amanda, just . . . geez!

The way they are looking at each other is everything

They had so many sweet dances for their day. They each danced with their kids, Amanda with her brother, and a sweet long time client of hers.

I could have shot on this porch all day. I loved the aesthetic of it.

This dock was the perfect setting for some epic wide landscape shots, the ones with the moss foreground are my favorite.

This tree added just the perfect amount of color for some fun candid portraits. Loved it.

This is one of my favorite bridal portraits ever. Just stunning.

Last dance photos are some of my favorite from their reception. The glowy indoor lights, the way they are looking at each other, it’s all just beautiful.

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