Preparing for your Engagement Session

So, he’s popped the question, you said YES! You’ve booked your engagement session and now you are wondering, what the heck am I supposed to wear? Where should we take our photos? What all do I need to know?

I got you, I got you!

This blog is specific to my clients, if you’ve booked your session with another photographer, this may still be helpful but they may have totally different recommendations so make sure to check in with them!

  1. What to Wear: I recommend two outfits. One dressy & one cute casual. This will give you some classy ones to use for your invites or save the dates and then some fun ones for around the house or your champagne bottles! Or maybe vice versa, seriously . . . whatever floats your boat here. Try to stick to soft neutrals when choosing your outfits: Soft pink/peach, beige, grey, mint, soft blues, & sage tones. For him: Navy, grey, soft blues/greens, beige tones. How heavy your colors are does impact the outcome of your photos. Try to steer clear of exact color matching each other, loud patterns, bulky clothes, or all heavy dark tones.
  2. Clean your ring: I’m going to be getting up and close personal with your bling for a few photos, so if you can, bring your diamond in for a quick clean to your jeweler. If that’s not an option, look for some ‘clean at home’ options (maybe call your jeweler for their recommendations). I’ve always had luck with warm water, a few drops of dawn dish soap, soaking for 10 minutes, scrubbing gently with a soft clean toothbrush, and then rinsing. But again, check with your jeweler so you don’t damage your new ring!
  3. Treat yourself: Get your hair done, your makeup, or buy a new outfit (or all three, you deserve it), I promise you are going to glow either way. The most important thing here is that you feel comfortable and beautiful!
  4. Look it over: Sit down with your fianc√©, and head over to my ‘engagement‘ tab on my or check out an engagement blog post and look over the images. This does a couple things: It gets you more familiar with my work, and lets you both know what you are getting into! Sometimes (men, I’m talking about the men here . . .) aren’t as familiar with engagement sessions as us ladies tend to be, (sometimes). An average engagement session can take anywhere from 45 min- 1.5 hours and most likely in the evening about 2 hours before sunset.
  5. Location: Think about what you’d like in your session, are you going for a modern downtown vibe? Mountain scenes? a field with lots of blooms? Whatever you wanting, I’m sure we can find the perfect location. If you don’t already have a place in mind, let me know and we can come up with something together, I always have a few great options to choose from. (TIP: Think about your friends/family that may have some awesome private property, if they will allow us to use it for your session that may be a great option).
  6. Communication: Let me know if there is anything I should be aware of. A side you prefer, something you are self conscious of or don’t want accented? I won’t know unless you tell me.
  7. Relax: You can not mess up your session. Promise. If you are coming to your session thinking: I have no idea how to stand or how to pose. Good news: I do! All you have to do is trust me! This is actually going to be fun and you’re going to walk away saying “Wow, we had a good time!”

I like to tell my clients to think of their engagement session as practice for their wedding day. It’s going to be so easy to flow through your photos seamlessly after this. Check out some of my very favorite photos from a few recent engagement sessions!

I loved everything about this session. New Jersey Estate Gardens & Downtown Madison, it was just gorgeous!
High on top of the Colorado National Monument, truly breathtaking!

This was a private property that has been in their family for generations. They were so sweet together!

Loved this beautiful session on top of the Mesa in the middle of summer. Everything was lush green and they were stunning.

A favorite in Ridgway, when those mountains are glowing as the sunsets it is such a beautiful backdrop.

I could take pictures of these two interacting all day, they are just amazing together, and those glowly mountains!!

  1. Jenn says:

    This was such an informative post–so helpful for couples planning for their engagement session! Thank you for sharing! And beautiful photos!

  2. Samantha says:

    Such a great tip to think about if anyone you know has some great property to shoot on! These photos are all stunning–great work!

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