New Jersey Estate Gardens Proposal & Engagement

My husband and I flew out to New Jersey just for this proposal and engagement session. My cousin’s boyfriend, Paul, reached out to me and asked if I could come out to photograph the special moment. Of course, I said yes! However, there was a catch- my cousin (and pretty much little sister) Lauren, couldn’t know why we were flying out! So, with a little creativity we got to planing and making travel arrangements and it all came together.

A little backstory here. My cousin Lauren and I grew up together. We were inseparable at family get togethers and always considered ourselves more like sisters than cousins. From choreographing backstreet boy dances in our grandma’s living room to staying up late chatting about life, we’ve always been close. Photographing her engagement was a complete honor and not even the pandemic could stop me! (Yes, we were extremely safe and took all precautions).

Paul chose an amazing location to propose, the New Jersey Estate Gardens. It has this beautiful Rapunzel like tower and is surrounded by lush green gardens. There is also tons of history around this area (and my husband was totally digging that). We had a whole plan of me leaving early and figuring out the exact location he would drop to one knee. I hid behind a stone wall once they were close and then quietly snuck out and starting taking as many photographs as I could while he popped the question. As soon as they had their moment and Lauren noticed me, it was all tears and squeezes! Let me tell you, I was so anxious behind that stone wall, my heart was racing!! The moment was just perfect and I am so glad they have images to remind them of their joy that day.

We walked around and talked about how Paul and I planned this all out and Lauren was just speechless about everything. We walked around and took tons of photographs! Then after lunch and some phone calls to announce the news we went downtown Madison to take more! It was incredible and beautiful and all things amazing!! What a trip, guys!!

I may have been a little indecisive on choosing my favorites from their session, but, can you blame me??

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