Schieldt Wedding

This wedding was so full of love and life. Family and friends came from all over to support and take part in Tim and Jordan’s special day.

When I did their engagement photos, they fell in love with this venue- Lock, Stock, and Barrel and knew that they wanted to have their wedding here. They had a beautiful autumn wedding, complete with perfect weather, an incredible sunset, lots of smiling, love, and celebrating.

I love to get to know the couples I photograph, and it was truly a joy to get to know this sweet couple. They were pretty much a dream. Jordan looked absolutely stunning in her dress and Tim was so dapper! He surprised us all by cutting his hair right before the wedding, it looked great! They are so photogenic together (they made my job pretty easy).

They both warned me that Tim was going to get emotional during the first look, and he did. It was one of the most beautiful moments I’ve ever witnessed. As soon as he turned around and saw his bride, he teared up and his focus never broke from her. Truth be told, I may have been tearing up from behind the camera. It’s what every bride (and photographer) hope for. You just can’t force that kind of love and emotion. Truly beautiful.

One of the most important times of the day (for me, as the photographer) is right after the ceremony. I like to pull my couple away and let them have a moment. Think about what a once-in-a-lifetime feeling that is, right after you officially marry the love of your life in front of all your friends and family. So much emotion. Once, they have a few moments alone, I like to get portraits of just them. They are so raw and so authentic in that moment. The photos of Tim & Jordan together during the sunset are probably some of my favorite photos . . . ever. They are beautiful, sweet, gentle, and genuine. And isn’t that exactly what you want captured on your special day?!?

Here are some of my favorites from their day. (I may have been a little indecisive when selecting these for you all).

See what I mean? ^ I’m not sure there was a dry eye around when Tim saw his Bride.

This crew was so much fun to work with. We had so many laughs throughout the day!

Isn’t she stunning? I was IN LOVE with the florals she chose for her bouquet. The complimented the day perfectly!

This isn’t something I get to do with every bride, but Jordan was perfect for it! Her fun personality really shine through here and it’s one of my favorites of her from the day!

I may have been geeking out during all of these photos. We had the most amazing glow during golden hour for these portraits. My assistant was cracking up at how excited I was. Hah!

These were some of my very favorites from the entire day. They both are so happy, the glow is gorgeous, and they were ready to go party with their guests!

Yes, this was every bit as awesome as it looks.

It was pitch black dark when they made their exit, and I gotta say, I was kind of digging that this image looked like film. Super fun! Congrats Tim & Jordan, wishing you a life of love and happiness! Thanks for sharing your day with me.

  1. Zinette says:

    Your work is amazing!! I love the details and the colours, really beautiful 🤩

  2. Brigitte says:

    Wow what a stunning wedding! You did such a great job capturing this and I love these portraits!

  3. Jade Koetz says:

    I am in love with her dress and their venue!! You did an amazing job capturing all of the love on their wedding day <3

  4. Natalie says:

    Beautiful photos! That first look is so sweet!

  5. Beautiful work! I love the bridal party shots

  6. Meridith says:

    So beautiful!!! The bridal portraits are so dreamy!!!!

  7. Sara says:

    I love these! Your portraits are beautiful!

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